the great divide

by the chase scene



In late 1998, Joe, John and Pete started playing music together. John and Pete had both been in Halobox previously, from whom they recruited the vocalist, Mark (Mark and John were also in a band called Landslide before that). They practiced a while, and then started looking for a second guitar player to fill up the sound some. Chris P. played with them a little, but never made it out of the practice space. Then Yosh tried out. Idiot savant that he is, he immediately had a good feel for the music (but more importantly, he learned the songs quickly).

In an order that is no longer clear, a few shows were played under various names (including several with the word "hero" in there somewhere) and a demo was recorded with one Mr. Mike Poorman at the Small Church. We released three songs from those sessions as a tape under the name "Prizefighter;" we had a website and everything (courtesy of Mr. Chuck D.) until some jack-off nu-metal band tried to sue us for the name. So, after much deliberation and argument, we became The Chase Scene (TCS). Many more shows followed, during which time we decided that we liked to drive ridiculously far for one show, then turn around and try to make it home within 24 hours of leaving. A little while later, we spilt ways with Pete, for reasons that kind of remain unclear (at least to me).

After a short search, we found Brian, formerly of East is Red. He played with us for a while, a stint that included the recording of our only e.p., The Great Divide, that Russ at All About Records was kind and crazy enough to release for us. We had a great time with Bri, and he stayed in the fold until he decided to become a lawyer (and he did). A series of fill-in bass players followed, including Mr. Nate Duncan of Jazz June/East is Red fame, Mr. Paul Dagnello of Huck/Bearfoot Republic, and Mr. Daniel Murray of Killbots Attack/Sourpuss. We rocked the shit out of a bunch of places with these line-ups. Then, after one such shit-rocking, Colin joined the ranks as the permanent basser.

With this, the final incarnation of TCS, we played all over the damn place, from Quebec City all the way down to Austin (which was the starting point for the longest car ride I've ever taken in one shot: Austin to Philly in a little under two days; last minute shows rule) and made many great, great friends, like Seb from Quebec, Stopwatch in Long Island, Two Days... from Jersey, and, of course, Paul, Wes, George, Raph, Jimmy, and Dan (and Jordy) from Little League/Kill Verona in the great city of Philadelphia. We recorded a handful of other songs with Mr. Matt Squire that have never really seen the light of day.

Then we broke up. And yes, it was that sudden. John went on to play all over the world with Garrison, before joining Kill Verona and Do You Still Hate Me. Joe and Colin ended up in Clowntown's finest, Orange Island. Mark is currently a troubador/purveyor of Americana/one-man-band, minus the knee cymbals and accordian. Yosh does whatever falls in his lap, including lots of crazy ass noise rock, an album of lullabies and playing bass in Joe's new band, Retrosleeper.

There has been talk of a reunion, but for now, it's not coming anytime soon. Keep checking in/bugging us for one if you care; maybe that will give us a little kick in the ass to get going with it. I wouldn't mind playing "Boxed" again, either.


released May 27, 2013


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