The Hideout and Dynamite Dynamite Split 7"

by the hideout / dynamite dynamite



This is a split release featuring 2 of our favorite bands, one from the US, one from the UK. We wanna thank both bands for working with us and each other to put out an amazing record.

- allaboutrecords

Thanks to all of our friends, family, and fans. Thanks to all the terrific bands that we have met and played with. Thanks to Russ Orcutt and All About Records for the shows and the release. Dynamite Dynamite, you guys rule, it's a pleasure to be on this 'split' with you!

-The Hideout

Thanks to these people and bands for all the support and encouragement: Chris Johnson, Bekkie Drewry, Rebecca Blanchard, Jam Moore, Russel Orcutt, No Contest, Demon Smiles, Dyin Flies, all at Let's Rock Cancer, anyone whos ever watched or put up with us and especially, The Hideout for getting this thing together.

-Dynamite Dynamite


released December 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Allaboutrecords Massachusetts

All About Records is an Indie Record Label based out of Southeastern MA. Since 1997, AAR has been showcasing and distributing bands. In the late 2000s, the label extended it's outreach to the United Kingdom with a series of AllAboutRecords-UK tours and festivals.

In 2013 we were able to open the allaboutrecords center for the arts which is located in downtown Taunton, MA.
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Track Name: the hideout - the hideout - old man youth
Old Man Youth

You’ll wanna hold your youth close
like gripping tight to frozen rails, racing down the cemetery hill,
and running to your house against sunset.
Broke into the factory, this time all alone.
Looking for someone to sing with
you’ll bury my bones.

Sink these words: let them rot into an empty song.
Cuz I crawl back and my head splits-
my thoughts twist into knots.
I thought I could keep this dream up (got nothing in return).
So sink these words.

Staring over the shimmer and the glow
I reach through
but I can’t go back. I’ll never go back.

But i’m holding on...

I’m holding on, while moving on.
But how long will this last?

I miss your smiling face.
Somehow these memories all turn sour.
This is an empty town of ghosts, and they have no voice.
So I won’t let you sing alone.
We won’t let you sing alone.
No we won’t let you sing alone.
Track Name: the hideout - the hideout- the real coney island
The Real Coney Island

It’s been another year crossed off in escape.
Indifferent and exhausted.
We left our badges buried deep beneath the sand-
you just press your head against those glassy grains.

The tide keeps rolling in. The tide keeps rolling.

I came to, choking up salt,
drifting farther than I ever should have been.
Theres no direction in this fog.
Still I drift along.

We don't have time to count the stars
but we're constantly reminding ourselves
just how fucking small we are.

I came to, choking up salt,
drifting farther than I ever should have been.
Theres no direction in this fog.
Still I drift along.
Track Name: dynamite dynamite - dynamite dynamite - high hopes and low expectations
High Hopes and Low Expectations

All my friends are unsatisfied with the way things seem to go.

I fell in love on the south bay shore when she cried,
"Why is it that we have to go back home?"
So i screamed, and she dies, a little more each day that I'm alive,
I know I'm gonna throw it all away,

They say we can't be free,
And we'll never leave,
We're stuck forever in this lonely town of ours,

And all my dreams, by the morning became nightmares,
So I'm staring at the sun to send me blind,
And no one ever told me things would be easy,
But no one ever showed me its a waste of time,
Track Name: dynamite dynamite - dynamite dynamite - cuts and scars
Cuts and Scars

Days go by in the blink of an eye,
And the alcohol and petrol fumes won’t cover up this stench of life,
We’ll die in broken cars,
Beating hearts,
Bleeding out inside,
Running away, living on empty.

I can’t breathe in without scratching my own eyes,
I can’t breathe in without wishing my life away.

Took a guess at the end before I started page two,
But I was wrong I was a fool,
We’ll never agree, we’re never to blame,
While you’re working for the weekend coming up,
I’m just working so my life won’t fade away,
Running away, living on empty.

I’m reading the story of my life,
It’s not about waiting for the storm to pass,
It’s all about dancing in the rain,
My memory fades,
The proof is blunt,
My words have got me so far,
I’m always picking my cuts and scars.